About Us
Introduction to Dhosiba

Dhosiba Global Marketing Sdn Bhd (Dhosiba) is just another company created by the founder of Delcol United Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd. With vast experienced of more than 25 years from previous company hoping to create a new prominent brand named ''Dhosiba'' which provides good quality service and products to its customer. Dhosiba was incorporated on 25th September 2019. The founder has strong knowledge in the water filtration system, a global chain of supplier connections such as China, Taiwan, and Korea. Strong technical team is a must if we want to do well in the water filter business. That is why Dhosiba emphasized on having a highly skilled technical team to support its clients.

Dhosiba involved in a water filtration system for industrial, commercial, and residential supplies from small systems to large capacity filtration systems with the support of its factory supplier Mafilter Inc. Zhejiang Co. Ltd. (China) maintained a highly competitive price and high quality product for its customer.

Dhosiba aggressively promoting its service and products by joining the exhibition held in Malaysia. Recent involvement in the exhibition is International Branding Showcase Exibition 2020 (IBS) which was held at PWTC in December 2019.

Future involvements in the exhibition are as below:

 Hari Usahawan Negara 2020 (HUN2020) – March 2020 / July 2020
 Asia Water 2020 – March 2020

By joining exhibitions Dhosiba wants to create brand awareness and exposure to the public. Dhosiba hopes to be a well-known brand in the future.
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